FAQ Vitamin B

FAQ Vitamin B injections

Where is my package?

We understand that it can be frustrating waiting for packages. We now live in a Covid-19 world with limited flights in and out of countries that is causing global delays. In many countries regional delays due to rolling lock-downs are common place.

Normally, delivery averages between 2-3 weeks...

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What are Vitamin B12 injections?

B12 injections are the administration of liquid form vitamin B12 directly into muscles, fat or veins. B12 injections come in vials or ampoules. Common vial sizes are 10 and 30ml and ampoules are usually 1ml. Injection has proven to be the most effective method for those with vitamin B12 absorption issues.

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Why our vitamin B and C products?

Our Products Guarantee

We all want to feel comfortable knowing whatever we put into our bodies is safe, made properly and will not cause any adverse effects.
Heck, do we even know anything about most of the over the counter medicines and pharmaceuticals we take? We buy cough syrup, allergy pills, anti-inflammatories and seldom bother to read the box and find out how and where it was manufactured.  

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How to perform a subcutaneous injection of vitamin B12 or B-Complex

Subcutaneous injection is a method of injecting medication or vitamins. The method is used to inject substances between the skin and muscle, i.e. into the fatty tissue. This method is slower than venous and intramuscular injections and allows absorption of substances over a twenty-four hour period.

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How to perform an intramuscular injection of vitamin B12

Whether vitamin injections are self-administered or given by someone else, knowing how to give a B12 shot will make the process easy and painless. Consult your healthcare professional for the needle size and length that is right for your injection type and location...

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How do you inject Trivit-B complex?

Trivit-B Complex is normally injected using the intramuscular method of injection. This means that the injection is given in the identified regions best suited for this type of injection that is directly administered into the muscle...

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Storage of B12 injecable vitamins

If you are suffering from a B vitamin deficiency and are self-injecting, then you probably have either vitamin B12 vials or vitamin B12 ampules around your house. Chances are you have been instructed on their storage, but the following are common storage practices...

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Intramuscular vs. Subcutaneous B12 injections

The most common methods for injecting Vitamin B12 is either intramuscular or subcutaneous. Intravenous is usually done under hospital care when patients are in dire need of receiving large doses rapidly.

Subcutaneous injections are administered under the skin into fat between the skin and muscle. The most common injection areas are the stomach area near the belly button, front of thigh, and the side or back of upper arm...

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Vitamin B12 needle and syringe information

The B12 Vitamin Store does not sell needles and syringes. It is price effective for our customers to supply themselves from local pharmacies or online retailers. If you need help, consult your health professional for recommendations, or type “buy needles and syringes” into your search engine. For convenience, we have supplied a few links below. We have no direct affiliation with these suppliers but find them to have good selections and prices...

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Vitamin B12 injection safety

You might be wondering if supplementing B12 is safe. In most cases, supplementing B12 has no adverse side effects. Serious side effects are extremely rare.

The fact is that if you are not taking a prescription medication or herbal supplement that might interfere with B12 or one of the B complex mixes, then it is very rare for any harmful side effects to occur... 

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Our shipping policy

Shipping for all B12 Vitamin Store orders average about 14-21 days, excluding holidays, Covid delays and the receiving countries customs and parcel service.

Shipments have a flat 10.00 fee.

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How do I read the date codes on B-Vitamin packaging?

Reading the date codes on your vitamin B-12 and B-Complex is quite easy, However, it differs from the American format of dating products.Our products date codes begin with the Day then Month and then Year. This is the format Day/Month/Year. Example:  Packaging: 04/08/18 = 04/August/2018

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Our B vitamin quality assurance

Our B12 Vitamin Store sources its B vitamin supplements from government licensed regulated facilities that exceed the global GMP standard for vitamin and pharmaceutical products. Our B vitamin supplements have been tested for quality and potency...

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Return and Refund policy

Things happen and we know it. Items are damaged or lost in transit. If your package fails to reach you or is damaged, we will investigate the issue and depending upon the findings offer to reship your items ASAP...

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How do I pay for my order at B12vitaminstore.com?

Paying for your order is quite simple and we offer two options. Most of you will select option I, but more and more are selecting option II. Learn how the process for debit/credit card and bitcoin/altcoin payments works with images to help...

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Before injecting Vitamin B12 or B-Complex supplements a person should always consult a healthcare professional to discuss all pharmaceutical and over the counter drugs that they are currently taking. The reason is to make sure that the B vitamin supplementation they are undertaking will not interfere with those drugs and cause any type of negative health issue.

Be sure to discuss the dosages of your current medicines and the dosages of the B vitamin supplements you are considering taking for your supplementation program. It is the customer’s obligation to inform themselves of all risks associated with B vitamin supplementation, warnings and interactions...
Use Warnings for B12 Vitamin Store Products, Medical Disclaimer, Usage & Termination, User Content and Conduct, Privacy, Refund and Return Policy, Cancellation Policy and Liability Disclaimer.

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