Vitamin B Treatments

  1. Using B12 Injections to Treat Pernicious Anemia (PA)

    How often should you take B12 injections to treat pernicious anemia?

    Vitamin B12 injections are a great way to combat the condition, so it’s useful to understand how often you should take the vitamin in order to overcome pernicious anemia. People with the condition may require lifelong treatment, though this is as simple as taking regular B12 shots at home or in a doctor’s office. Self-injecting saves a bundle of money so it’s worth it to learn how.

    Many medical professionals will suggest that you begin with injecting vitamin B12 into the muscle every day. After you have seen an improvement in symptoms from these daily injections, it is recommended that you use the shots once every 2 days for two weeks (this is 7 doses in total).

    Finally, after it has been proven that your B12 levels have returned to a stable state the frequency of administration will be reduced to just one shot each month. Your doctor can check your B12 vitamin levels by taking a loo

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  2. Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments Using B12 Injections

    What are peripheral neuropathy symptoms and how does vitamin B12 treat it?

    There is a clear and proven link between vitamin B12 deficiency and peripheral neuropathy. If you are experiencing symptoms of Peripheral neuropathy and need B12 injections then don’t hesitate to shop B12 injections now to start your supplementation program.

    If you have it or don’t know what it is, you should have yourself checked as soon as possible!


    The symptoms can be

    • Tingling or burning sensation in hands, arms and legs
    • A loss of balance and decreased coordination
    • Weakened muscles
    • Uncontrollable sweating

    More Peripheral neuropathy symptoms below


    You should take great care to prevent further damage, as ignoring symptoms can have long-term consequences.

    Let’s talk you through the symptoms of

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