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Vitamin B12

  1. Can you overdose on Vitamin B12?


    A large amount of research has been done on the effects of vitamin B12 on the body and any negative effects that can occur through its use. Much scientific research suggests that it is practically impossible to overdose on vitamin B12 – however, there can be side effects.

    The fact there is currently no designated maximum dosage of vitamin B12 demonstrates its incapability for overdose with any serious negative effects – so there’s no bad news here.

    The vitamin has been researched extensively throughout recent years due to its growing popularity as a necessary supplement in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As of yet, research has suggested it is quite a safe supplement to implement within your routine.

    So, the answer is no, you can not overdose on B12 vitamins!

    How long does B12 stay in your

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    B12 and B-Complex Vitamin Injections, now availabe in Canada!

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  4. 5 Reasons You Need More Vitamin B12

    5 Reasons You Need More Vitamin B12 in Your Body

    5 Reasons You Need More Vitamin B12
    Today it is not uncommon to know someone with diabetes or celiac disease and of course we all know people that drink alcohol regularly, so this is a great article to share with friends and family.

    Why all humans need vitamin B12 is a lengthy and impressive list. Just a few of the things vitamin B12 does is protect your nervous system, create DNA and RNA the building blocks of each cell in your body, assists hormone production,

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  5. Are You Getting Enough Vitamin B12 From the Foods You Eat?

    Are You Getting Enough Vitamin B12 From the Foods You Eat?

    Vitamin B12 also known as Cobalamin is the largest and most complex vitamin there is. It can be consumed in large doses because any excess is eliminated by the body but is also stored in the liver for up to a year to be used when supplies are low. Certain foods, if prepared properly and consumed in adequate quantities, can provide some individuals enough B vitamins to keep them in good health. Medical studies have shown that a greater number of people don't get enough B vitamins strictly from eating B-rich foods. Ten to thirty percent of older people may not absorb vitamin B12 well. A healthy lifestyle should include a diet that includes as much B vitamins as possible.

    For your body to achieve maximum health, you must be sure to consume ample amounts of vitamin B rich foods.  By eating a balanced diet containing many produce

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  6. The Benefits and Risks of B12 Injections Part 2

    The Benefits and Risks of B12 Injections Part II

    B12 Injection Benefits

    • B12 is the only water-soluble vitamin that can be stored in the liver, however, B12 is water-soluble and all unused excess is flushed from the body. Therefore poses no, too little risk. In healthy individuals, no adverse effects has been reported from excessive vitamin B12 intake from food and supplements.
    • Helps lower fatigue by restoring B12 to healthy levels.
    • Helps Increase muscle mass by helping in the production of creatine.
    • Touted for increasing metabolism and helping people with weight loss. Regulates hormonal production and might increase energy, improve sleep, enhance athletic performance and possibly change appetite.
    • Many
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  7. The Benefits and Risks of B12 Injections

    The Benefits and Risks of B12 Injections Part 1

    Vitamin B12 deficiency is now thought to be far more common than previously suspected. In fact, scientists now believe that it might be one of the most common nutrient deficiencies. This is especially true for strict vegans and vegetarians, elderly, diabetics, and those taking antibiotic medications or drugs that alter stomach acidity. Those taking birth control or undergoing hormonal replacement therapy should also consider monitoring their B12 levels. For these reasons and many more, B12 injections are prescribed to repair the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency.

    Common B12 deficiency symptoms are low concentration, fatigue, weakness and depressed moods. B12 deficiency can effect red blood cell formation

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  8. Supplementing with Vitamin B12

    What People Supplementing with Vitamin B12 Say

    A real world conversation I recently overheard while enjoying a late afternoon pick me up coffee.

    Guy: “Hey Lisa, You are looking good. How are those B injections going?”

    Girl - “They are going great, thanks for asking.”

    Guy -  “So you noticed a big difference?”

    Girl- “I would say my life has changed a lot since we last spoke. I feel much healthier and more energetic since I started the B12 injections.”

    Guy – “Feeling happier after your B vitamin shots?”

    Girl – “It’s a vitamin not

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  9. Hello! Welcome to B12 Vitamin Store!

    Welcome to the B12 Vitamin Store

    B vitamins perform a wide variety of jobs for our bodies. All of them assist in turning food into fuel and together contribute to healthy skin, hormone levels and hair while aiding our nervous system function.

    Welcome to the B12 Vitamin Store - B12 injections

    B12 additionally has a beneficial effect on liver function and the nervous system. B12

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