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  1. Now Shipping B12 Injections to Hong Kong and UAE

     Introducing our Latest Destinations: Hong Kong and the UAE! 

    We're thrilled to share the incredible news that as of June 2023, we have expanded our reach for our vitamin B12 and vitamin C injections to two incredible new countries.  



    Welcome aboard, Hong Kong (HK) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)! 

    We couldn't be more delighted to extend our services to the vibrant city of Hong Kong and the majestic landscapes of the UAE.

    Now, our high-quality B-12 and vitamin C shots are just a click away for our amazing customers in these fantastic countries.




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  2. FULL BOX trivit special

    SUPER discount on full boxes NoW, grab it while stock lasts.

    Trivit-B complex with the power of B12, B1, and B6 vitamins!

     50 ampule box $99.99



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  3. How to pay using Zelle within the US and Puerto Rico

    Using the fast Zellepay, no fees!

    Zelle is easily one of the simplest and quickest ways to send money inside the US and Puerto Rico with no charge .

    Just use your banks banking app, or download the Zelle app to Enroll your mobile number and Visa® or Mastercard® debit card so you can start sending and receiving money.


    It’s this easy:

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    Key Point

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  4. Are you getting enough Vitamin B12 from the foods you eat?

    Are you getting enough Vitamin B12 from the foods you eat?

    Vitamin B12, also known as Cobalamin, is the largest and most complex vitamin that exists. It can be consumed in large doses because any excess is eliminated by the body but is also stored in the liver for up to a year to be used when supplies are low. Certain foods, if prepared properly and consumed in adequate quantities, can provide some individuals enough B vitamins to keep them in good health. Medical studies have shown that a greater number of people don't get enough B vitamins strictly from eating B-rich foods. Ten to thirty percent of older people may not absorb vitamin B12 well. A healthy lifestyle should include a diet that includes as much B vitamins as possible.

    For your body to achieve maximum health, you must be sure to consume ample amounts of vitamin B rich foods.  By eating a balanced diet containing many produce and whole grains, it’s fairly easy to get most B vitamins, but v

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  5. B12 injectables now shipping to Canada!

    B12 and B-Complex Vitamin Injections, now availabe in Canada!

    Safely buy Vitamin B12 cyanocobalamin injections and B-Complex. After supplying many happy and satisfied customers all over the USA, we now ship to Canada too!

    Check our special offers : Special offers B12 vitamin injections for Canada!

    We are also offer

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  6. 5 Reasons You Need More Vitamin B12

    5 Reasons You Need More Vitamin B12 in Your Body

    5 Reasons You Need More Vitamin B12
    Today it is not uncommon to know someone with diabetes or celiac disease and of course we all know people that drink alcohol regularly, so this is a great article to share with friends and family.

    Why all humans need vitamin B12 is a lengthy and impressive list. Just a few of the things vitamin B12 does is protect your nervous system, create DNA and RNA the building blocks of each cell in your body, assists hormone production, aid cognitive abilities, protect the heart, turn food into fuel, elevate moods and keep you

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  7. Paying for your order at B12 VitaminStore.Com

    Paying for your order at B12VitaminStore.Com

    Did you know that besides accepting Visa, MasterCard and Debit cards that we additionally accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, DASH and over 50 altcoins using our CoinGate checkout API?

    Find out more about Coingate and the list of supported altcoins.

    For complete information including graphics about paying, visit our page How do I Pay for My Order at B12VitaminStore.Com?

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  8. How Do I Read the Date Codes on My Vitamin B12 and B-Complex?

    Reading date codes on B-Vitamin packaging

    Reading the date codes on your vitamin B-12 and B-Complex is quite easy, However, it differs from the American format of dating products.

    Our products date codes begin with the Day then Month, followed by the Year. This is the format Day/Month/Year.
    Example:  Packaging: 04/08/18 = 04/August/2018

    Below are photos of vitamin B12 1000mcg, B12 2000mcg, B-100 complex and Trivit-B complex packaging. We included photos to help you better understand what to look for when reading the manfuctured on, and expiration dates.

    Those of you ordering Trivit-B will have written date codes included inside your package of ampules, so please look for it.


    Vitamin B12 1000mcg

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  9. How to perform a subcutaneous Injection of vitamin B12 or B-Complex

    Subcutaneous Vitamin B12 Injections


    woman repelling down mountain


    Basically, this is an injection under the skin into the fatty tissue. It may sound unpleasant, but when done right, administering such an injection can be virtually painless, and will allow the absorption of vitamin B12 over a 24-hour period. A dosage of 2ml is recommended as safe, anything more could cause irritation at the injection site. As with anything healthcare-related, it should be learnt from a professional.

    Instructions for self-administering

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  10. Vitamin B12 Testing: Why, How and What the Results Reveal

    Do you feel as though you're not functioning at your full potential and want to find out why?

    • Have you been feeling low on energy, depressed in mood and unable to think clearly or focus for long periods and can't quite place your finger on the cause?
    • Do you eat well, exercise and try to get enough sleep, but your body seems to be functioning at sub-par levels?
    • Are you experiencing unusual numbness or tingling in your limbs?
    • Did you discover that you show many signs and symptoms listed for vitamin B12 deficiency?  

    It's time you find out if you are vitamin B12 deficient. Discover why and how to test your

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