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Why us, and who we are:

Our little B12 Vitamin Store started when two old friends living in different locations in the world were chatting about the need and the cost of B12 injections.

Unbeknownst to me, my friend Mike needs the B12 injections for his health. I was already using B12 injections to supplement my vegetarian diet. Mike began complaining about the costs involved and difficulty acquiring them in the states. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, the prices in the U.S. are over-inflated and affecting many people’s health and finances.

Since I live in Thailand, I looked into procuring B12 for him. I discovered that vitamin B12 is manufactured here with the same methods and high quality as in America, but the prices are much lower!

Vitamin B12 store, about us


I did some research and legwork that led me to a manufacturer that exceeds (GMP) good manufacturing practices and has been in business for over fifty years. I then formed a relationship with them. Their B vitamins are used throughout Thailand’s renowned private hospitals and countrywide government hospitals. It is safe and high quality B12 Cyanocobalamin.

I was then able to supply him the injectable vitamin B12 that he needed at a fraction of what he was paying.

With over a decade of experience in the healthcare arena Mike understood the value, and he was very satisfied with the results, so Mike and I began talking it over and we both realized that we would like to help others afford the vitamin supplements they need, without struggling to buy them. Now we are making it available to you.

With the support of our wives, our little operations goal is to help others receive the supplemental care that they need at a much more affordable cost.

Good health is important to us and we want to help others be healthy as well. We both have endured some health issues, so we know firsthand the difficulties that are involved financially and logistically.


Life is expensive enough as it is!

Mike and Eric

We are here if you need us.


Phones: Toll Free +1 (877) 251-3501

If we don't answer please leave us a message and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

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