5 Reasons You Need More Vitamin B12 in Your Body

5 Reasons You Need More Vitamin B12
Today it is not uncommon to know someone with diabetes or celiac disease and of course we all know people that drink alcohol regularly, so this is a great article to share with friends and family.

Why all humans need vitamin B12 is a lengthy and impressive list. Just a few of the things vitamin B12 does is protect your nervous system, create DNA and RNA the building blocks of each cell in your body, assists hormone production, aid cognitive abilities, protect the heart, turn food into fuel, elevate moods and keep you looking and feeling young. Find out more about what vitamin B12 does for your body so you fully realize its importance.

Below are 5 reasons you need to supplement vitamin B12.

You are Over 50
5 reasons you need more vitamin b12
Fifty is considered young in most Western countries, but this doesn’t mean that time has not altered a bodies ability to function. One common function that can be decreased early as your 50’s is a persons ability to absorb vitamin B-12 from ingested foods and supplements. Some diseases, medical conditions and medications interfere with a bodies natural ability to absorb vitamin B-12.

Signs and symptoms of vitamin B-12 deficiencies can surface slowly and a person might not know that they are suffering from a vitamin B-12 deficiency, but notice slight or severe neurological and physical symptoms with no clue to their source. Cognitive difficulties and less stamina can easily be attributed to getting older, but a simple fix might be more vitamin B-12 is needed in your diet or through supplementation. Signs and symptoms need to be confirmed to determine that a vitamin B12 deficiency is the cause. Other ailments can mimic the same symptoms so proper tests are needed to rule out other causes for a persons symptoms.

If you are over the age of 50, taking quality B12 Vitamin supplements offers a much better chance of staying fit, healthy, strong and looking younger.

You are a Vegetarian or Vegan
5 reasons you need more vitamin b12

Today it is common knowledge that sustainable vitamin B12 is primarily found only in animal products and foods. If you abstain from animal foods and products then you must supplement vitamin B12 to avoid suffering from a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Vegans are more susceptible than vegetarians but both followers of these diets and lifestyles should regularly supplement B12. Symptoms can take 2-7 years to surface in people following strict vegan and vegetarian diets.

You Take Acid Reflux Medication
5 reasons you need more vitamin b12

Commonly prescribed over the counter and prescription medicines hinder the natural mechanisms that allow the body to absorb vitamin B12 naturally. Studies show that both pills and liquids used to combat acid reflux issues show a connection between vitamin B12 absorption problems in patients.

Often people suffering from these types of issues must inject vitamin B12 and B-Complex to maintain good health. Gastrointestinal surgeries and ailments often make it necessary to bypass the gastrointestinal tract for reliance on supplementing B vitamins.

You Have been Diagnosed with Diabetes or an Autoimmune Disease
5 reasons you need more vitamin b12

Blood sugar and autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, celiac and Hashimoto’s make it difficult for the afflicted to absorb vitamin B12 through their diets and supplements. Often people suffering from these types of issues must bypass the gastrointestinal tract for reliance on supplementing vitamin B12 and rely on injections to maintain good health. A link to vitamin B12 deficiency and the diabetes medication Metformin (Glucophage) has been established.

If you have an autoimmune or blood sugar disorder that you are treating it is advisable to undergo thorough testing for a vitamin B12 deficiency and read through the signs and symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. Catching it early will keep possible serious mental and physical issues such as depression, difficulty thinking and heart disease from surfacing.

You Regularly Drink Alcohol
5 reasons you need more vitamin b12

Drinking alcohol is part of almost all societies cultures throughout the world and the consequences from regular drinking are many, including vitamin B-12 deficiency. This issue is not discussed often enough and anyone regularly drinking, beer, wine or spirits should supplement with a high quality B-complex that includes vitamin B-12.

Did you know that vitamin B-12 is the only B vitamin that the body can store? Guess where it is stored?  Vitamin B-12 is stored in the liver and when you drink alcohol you damage your liver. We all know the liver is a crucial filter and cleaner of toxins for our bodies and is the only storage place of vitamin B-12, so take great care of your liver and if you drink heavily or moderately and regularly, supplement vitamin B-12.

You can even take an injection, pill or liquid vitamin B12 when you return home after night out drinking. This will help your body repair the harmful effects alcohol has on the human body and it might even help with your hangover.


Whether you drink regularly, have a disease or take medications that cause vitamin B12 absorption issues or are following a healthy diet lifestyle, supplementing vitamin B12 is good for you. Vitamin B12 assists the body in performing thousands of processes humans cannot live without, which is why maintaining proper levels will help you to be happier, stronger and healthier.

Before beginning a supplemental program you should discuss with your doctor all over the counter and prescription drugs you are currently taking and supplemental dosages.

Supplement Vitamin B12 if...

  1. You are over the age of 50
  2. You are a vegetarian or vegan
  3. You take acid reflux medication
  4. You've been diagnosed with diabetes or an autoimmune disease
  5. You regularly drink alcohol