Vitamin B12 Injection basics: where and how to administer Vitamin B12 injections?

“Vitamin B12 injections, why not just take the pills and why would I bother about B12 injections?”

Actually, I thought and felt exactly the same until I had my B12 levels tested, because I always felt exhausted, wasn’t sleeping well and was constantly lacking energy to perform normal everyday tasks.Vitamin B12 Injection basics: where and how to administer Vitamin B12 injections?
Well, the injection liquid form of vitamin B12 is specially developed for those that cannot absorb vitamin B12 orally; their bodies just won’t take it, or at least enough of it, therefore not fixing B12 deficiency problems.

Also, sadly enough, there also are many types of (chronic) diseases that require B12 injections, such as Pernicious Anemia, people with Crohn’s, celiac, and people with intestinal imbalances, such as intestinal tapeworms and excessive bacterial growth. But these aren’t all of the medical reasons and there are also medications that interfere with B12 absorption.

Other common users of B12 injections are people who use it for bodybuilding or to help with weight loss.
For all of you, we have high-quality vitamin B12 injections at everyday low prices.

Vitamin B12 helps your body turn food into much needed energy, protects your heart, helps with regulating the formation of your red blood cells, DNA production, and in maintaining a healthy nervous system. It also promotes better sleep and lots more.

Many of our regular customers swear using our B12 increased their over-all energy and health. They also tell us that they are sick less often and gain muscles and lose weight faster. Hence they look and feel a whole lot better.

It’s a bit like your daily Vitamin C or orange juice shots.

Some more tech stuff below, for the experienced or just more curious readers.

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Vitamin B12 injections are liquid form vitamin B12 that is specifically manufactured for injection purposes. This type of liquid vitamin B12 is not meant to be taken orally. People get injections for a variety of health related reasons when doctors prescribe them or for general health performance and enhancement.

The reason many people inject vitamin B12 for general health maintenance is because vitamin B12 helps the body perform so many of its crucial functions.

Many people swear that it increases their energy and over-all health by bolstering their immune systems so they remain healthier.

B-12 injections are given directly into muscles, fat or veins. Shots into muscles are named intramuscular and shots into fat are named subcutaneous. Of course, intravenous is the name for injections into veins.

Vitamin B12 made for injections come in vials or ampoules. Common vial sizes are 10 and 30 milliliter and ampoules are usually 1-2 milliliter. B-Complex ampoules range in size up to 3ml, which is the size of our Trivit-B Complex ampoules.

Intramuscular injection has proven to be the most effective method for those with vitamin B12 deficiencies or choosing to boost their levels for other reasons, second only to intravenous which is most often administered under emergency situations.

Subcutaneous injections are also very effective, but just a bit slower entering the bloodstream than intravenous and intramuscular.

As with many things, the individual will sort out the most effective method for them.





"Where do you give Vitamin B12 shots?"

There are twIntramuscular injection siteso types: Subcutaneous injections and Intramuscular injections.

Subcutaneous injections go into your fat, often in the belly, thigh or upper arm. Subcutaneous injections are injected into the layers between the skin and muscles using a short 1/2” needle which makes it almost completely painless when properly done.

Intramuscular injections go directly into your muscles using a 1-1 ½” needle into muscles located at your shoulder, thighs, hips and buttocks.

These can be a little more painful than subcutaneous injections because the needle has to reach into muscle tissue; however the pain is usually completely gone within a couple of minutes. (Takes a little suffering sometimes to feel good or beautiful again).






*Intramuscular Injection Locations





"How do you give Vitamin B12 injections?"

subcutaneous injection sitesYou can easily just do the injections at home, there are just a few things you gotta beware of:

Cleanliness, do a little preparation and choose the right spot on your body. More on this below.

Properly following safety and cleanliness protocols from A-Z will keep you safe and pain-free during the process. If you choose to self-inject you will improve with each injection and soon clearly understand the best practice procedures and why they are in place.

Always consult a healthcare professional to teach you the proper safety and delivery methods for injecting vitamin B12 and B-Complex. Usually, teachers require supervising the first couple of injections before clearing you to inject at home by yourself.

If you are uncomfortable with self-injecting, you can find a local clinic that will be happy to administer them for a small fee. You save money by purchasing vitamin B12 injections outside the inflated pharmacy or doctor office prices and don’t have to fuss over supplies, or worry because you don’t feel comfortable injecting yourself.


* Subcutaneous Injection Sites


Learn more about the differences of subcutaneous vs intramuscular injections.






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