How to know if you are B12 deficient

Testing can help you find out if your body is properly metabolizing vitamin B12 from the foods and supplements that you ingest. If you are suffering some of the signs and symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, then it is time to have your vitamin B12 levels tested. Chronic low levels can cause ongoing damage to nerves and brain...

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How to inject vitamin B12 in your arm

B-12 injections are often given in the arm and especially, in medical terms, the deltoid part of the shoulder. The name for injections in this area are called “intramuscular” because the needle must penetrate the muscle to deliver your vitamin B-12 so that it is quickly delivered where your body needs it...

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How to inject vitamin B12 into your belly

Well, injecting into the belly area is a simple and basically painless procedure, so it isn’t much to worry about in that regard. Just follow the correct steps and you’ll do just fine. The Abdomen is an easy place for most people to access when self-injecting vitamin B-12, which is why it is a very common area for B-12 injections...

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How to inject B-100 Complex

B-100 Complex is injected using the intramuscular or intravenous method. The injections are given in the identified regions best suited for these types of injections, and intravenous is normally done only by medical professionals and usually in a hospital setting...Before you decide to undertake self-injection, first consult a nurse practitioner or doctor to learn the proper methods for identifying and cleaning the injection sites, how-to properly open the vial and the administration of the contents.

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How to inject Trivit-B Complex

Trivit-B Complex is normally injected using the intramuscular method of injection. This means that the injection is given in the identified regions best suited for this type of injection that is directly administered into the muscle. Needle gauge and length vary by body type so consult with your healthcare professional to choose which is best for your use.

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How to perform a subcutaneous Injection of vitamin B12 or B-Complex

Basically, this is an injection under the skin into the fatty tissue. It may sound unpleasant, but when done right, administering such an injection can be virtually painless, and will allow the absorption of vitamin B12 over a 24-hour period. A dosage of 2ml is recommended as safe, anything more could cause irritation at the injection site. As with anything healthcare-related, it should be learnt from a professional...

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How to Perform an Intramuscular Injection of Vitamin B12

Whether vitamin injections are self-administered or given by someone else, knowing how to give a B12 shot will make the process easy and painless. Consult your healthcare professional for the needle size and length that is right for your injection type and location. Before self-injecting, we always recommend seeking professional instruction from a certified healthcare practitioner. The steps below are for informational purposes only...

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How to store vitamin B12

You can store your vials and ampoules of vitamin B12 cyanocobalamin and B-Complex out of sunlight in a cool room between the stable temperatures 59-86 Fahrenheit or 15-30 Celsius. However, ideal storage temperatures range between 59-77f /15-25c. The B vitamins should not get near freezing temperatures...

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How to Open Vitamin B-12 and B-Complex Ampoules

Many people have never opened ampoules and even after watching a video or two, it does take some practice to get it right. To much pressure and you can break the top in your hand. Snapping forward or backward with just the right hand and finger placement is necessary to easily open any ampoule. It really isn’t a difficult thing at all...

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How to Dispose of Used Needles and Syringes

 Most people are well versed by their healthcare practitioners, but it is doesn’t hurt to review proper disposal methods when it comes to sharp and potentially dangerous objects. Those of us with children and pets roaming our houses should be especially cautious with our sharps trash. Safely storing and then disposing of your used needles is an obligation we owe to all of our neighbors....

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How to locate where to give vitamin B12 shots

There are many locations you can use to administer a vitamin B12 shot into the body. It is likely that each person will have their own favorite location to give and receive shots, depending on ease of use and personal choice. We’re all different! Individual pain tolerance, health status, preference and reasons for self-injecting...

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How to Read the Date Codes on My Vitamin B12 and B-Complex

Reading the date codes on your vitamin B-12 and B-Complex is quite easy, However, it differs from the American format of dating products. Our products date codes begin with the Day then Month, followed by the Year. This is the format Day/Month/Year.
Example:  Packaging: 04/08/18 = 04/August/201...

Read More about the date format and location on our B-12 and B-Complex products so that you never use expired product and know when it's time to reorder.


How to Pay for Your Order at B12VitaminStore.Com

Paying for your order is quite simple and we offer two options. Most of you will select option I, but more and more are selecting option II. Below is a quick tutorial of the checkout process. If you are paying with a debit or credit card, select that option at checkout and then select the blue button PLACE ORDER...

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