B Complex

  1. Introducing our NEW product MANO One-Six-Twelve injection ampules with Vitamins B1, B6, and B12

    MANO b complex is our new replacement for our very popular Trivit-B complex injection that has now been discontinued. We appreciate your patience while we sourced the best alternative to Trivit b complex. 

    The new vit b complex has the same vitamins B1 B6 B12 ampules but comes in a smaller 2ml ampule instead of a 3ml ampule size, and is ready for purchase now. 

    The smaller size is a more comfortable quantity of liquid injecting into your muscles, thus providing less soreness, but it also leaves room to add a sterile water solution or other vitamins.

    As usual we offer affordable pricing - Please be sure to see the quantity discount structure located below the bullet point descriptions on all our injectables.  

    More information on our B1 B6 B12 ampules can be found in the long description below the reviews. Additionally, our BLOG is filled with

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  2. FULL BOX trivit special

    SUPER discount on full boxes NoW, grab it while stock lasts.

    Trivit-B complex with the power of B12, B1, and B6 vitamins!

     50 ampule box $99.99



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  3. Trivit B News Update

    trivit b complex ampoulesDiscontinued production of Trivit-B

    TP Drug has decided to discontinue production of its Trivit-B product, but we are happy to let you know that we managed to purchase big stock from their last production lot, which has an expiration date of January 2024.
    Additionally, we have some products still in stock now and ready to ship.

    However, since this is one of our most favored products and sales are going fast, we will be selling the Trivit B vitamins on a first come basis until our stock is liquidated, so if you use it regularly, shop and stock your Trivit-B Complex ampules now!

    Call or email us with any questions or inquiries. +1 877 251-3501


    Wishing you well from all of us at the B12 Vitamin Store.com

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  4. Now Supplying Canada with Vitamin B12 and B-Complex Injections

    A warm welcome to all Canadians needing Vitamin B12 and B-Complex injections in Ampoules and 10ml Vials.

    We now ship to Canada, fast shipping from USA, so now you all can profit from our low prices for all your B12, B11 and other B injectables!


    See and SHOP all B12VitaminStore.com products HERE

    Pay special attention to our SPECIALS and COMBO

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  5. How do you inject B-100 Complex?

    Injecting vitamin B-100 Complex, dosages and methods

    How do you inject B-100 Complex?

    B-100 Complex is injected using the intramuscular or intravenous method. The injections are given in the identified regions best suited for these types of injections, and intravenous is normally done only by medical professionals and usually in a hospital setting.

    Hint: To lessen the sting of the B complex vitamins, B-100 Complex is often injected when combined with Vitamin B-12.

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  6. Trivit-B Complex uses, cautions and benefits

    Trivit-B Complex

    Trivit-B is a B-Complex vitamin solution that comes in 3ml ampoules, each containing 1000mcg vitamin B-12, 100mg vitamin B1 and 50mg vitamin B6.


    Trivit-B Complex


    Trivit-B Complex is often prescribed to treat the following:

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