We are all familiar with taking Vitamin C pills for the regularly boosting of our immune systems and for overall health maintenance. Vitamin C injections are not a method of intake that people commonly think about, but are widely used for treating vitamin C deficiency and for other ailments. Most people injecting vitamin C have a specific condition or illness they believe will be improved by injecting high doses of vitamin C in conjunction with their other treatments.Vitamin C injection graphic

A vitamin C injection requires Ascorbic acid in liquid form, a needle and a syringe. These three things are used to inject into a persons muscle (intramuscular) or vein (intravenously). Injections can be done at clinics, hospitals and at home.

It is common for an intramuscular injection of vitamin C to sting during an injection, and afterward have redness, swelling and soreness at the injection site.

High dose vitamin C infusions given intravenously (directly into the bloodstream) can reach much higher levels than when taken orally. IV injections are normally only given in clinics and hospitals. For IV injection the vitamin C is diluted with a saline solution.


Safety first

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Proper training and medical oversight is highly recommended before undertaking any home injection protocol. Be sure to schedule a consultation with your medical professional to discuss all pharmaceutical and OTC (over the counter) medicines you are currently taking. Explain your intentions for starting a high-dose vitamin C regimen so that you know it will be safe for your condition. Possible irritation and infection can occur at the injection site as well as limited soreness.


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In the next article “Why do people inject vitamin C?”, we’ll discuss why high doses of vitamin C are used for treating various ailments and conditions, off-label use, side effects, warnings and research results from clinical trials using high-dose vitamin C infusions.

When properly injected there is usually little risk or adverse reactions.


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