Instructions to inject vitamin B12 into your arm

B-12 injections are often given in the arm and especially, in medical terms, the deltoid part of the shoulder.
See the image for the exact spot

The name for injections in this area are called “intramuscular” because the needle must penetrate the muscle to deliver your vitamin B-12 so that it is quickly delivered where your body needs it.

fitness woman showing armWhy many people and doctors choose the deltoid part of the shoulder to give intramuscular injections is because there is less fat tissue there than in other areas such as the buttocks and hips.

This makes it easier to ensure your B12 gets right into the muscle and not into the fat or lost somewhere in between.

Proper training is very important for intramuscular injections in the shoulder (deltoid). There are some nerves running through the shoulder and there is always a slight chance a needle may hit a nerve if the injection location is incorrect. Therefore, we always recommend professional training before anyone administers your shot, well, or any type of B12 injection.

Anyway, for ease of self-injecting we recommend the belly and other places for your B12 shots, such as How to inject vitamin B12 into your belly.

For intramuscular injections in your shoulder you’ll need a partner to inject you.

It is difficult to self-inject in this spot, so usually a trained spouse, friend or healthcare professional is needed for a shot of B12 in your arm.

Where to inject

intrumuscular injection location in shoulderLocate the deltoid muscle in your shoulder whose location is illustrated in the image to the left. This will be your target area when you inject into you arm.

Learn How

intramusclar injection cut away showing layersAn easy to follow step-by-step for intramuscular injections can be found on our “How to Perform an Intramuscular Injection of Vitamin B12” page. There you will learn the proper steps to take for giving safe intramuscular injections.

When you inject into the arm (deltoid) your main goal will be to penetrate the muscle and then slowly deliver the vitamin B12 into the muscle, and then extract the needle at the same 90 degree angle that you inserted it.

What you’ll need to inject b12 vitamins in your shoulder

You will need to pick up are needles ranging from 1–1 ½”, this depends upon the amount of muscle or excess fat in the shoulder area. Your doctor can help with your decision. Of course you’ll need syringes, 1-3ml depending upon your vitamin B12 dosage. Lastly, a sharps container for safely disposing of your needles and syringes afterward.

You can purchase a sharps container or easily make it at home out of an empty thick plastic laundry bottle.

Locating needles and syringes is an easy process. You can often pick them up at your local CVS, Walgreens or other big name pharmacy near you. If not there, a quick internet search or try a few suggestions on our Vitamin B12 Needle and Syringe Information page.


    1. 1-3ml Syringes
    2. 1-1 ½” needles
    3. Alcohol wipes
    4. Cotton ball or gauze
    5. Bandage (optional)
    6. Sharps container

Start injecting vitamin B-12 today to begin feeling many of the common benefits our customers are feeling, such as increased energy and reduction of fatigue, increased metabolism and basal metabolic rate, help with weight loss, improved sleep, boost in immune function and increased mood and focus.

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