Reading date codes on B-Vitamin packaging

Reading the date codes on your vitamin B-12 and B-Complex is quite easy, However, it differs from the American format of dating products.

Our products date codes begin with the Day then Month, followed by the Year. This is the format Day/Month/Year.
Example:  Packaging: 04/08/18 = 04/August/2018

Below are photos of vitamin B12 1000mcg, B12 2000mcg, B-100 complex and Trivit-B complex packaging. We included photos to help you better understand what to look for when reading the manfuctured on, and expiration dates.

Those of you ordering Trivit-B will have written date codes included inside your package of ampules, so please look for it.


Vitamin B12 1000mcg

B12 1000mcg date codes TP Drug Laboratories


Vitamin B12 2000mcg

B12 2000mcg date codes TP Drug Laboratories



B-100 Complex - bottom of the box

B100 DATE CODE  TP Drug Laboratories


Trivit-B Complex - end of the box

trivit b complex date code  TP Drug Laboratories


The photos above along with the instructions should help you to easily identify when your products were made and expire. If you have further questions you can always contact us and we will be happy to help.

Disgard all products after their expiration dates and do not use if they have changed color, are cloudy or seem to have particles inside the vials or ampules.



Thank you for your business.

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