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Healthy Recipes


Healthy Recipes, Cooking for nutrution

Everyone knows that putting high-quality foods into your body will make you feel better and it is impossible to deny this fact. However, we live in a world that surrounds you with temptation and instant gratification through media pushing it, easy accessibility and our own internal compulsions we easily stray.

We know it takes work to continually eat right, so we thought we would do our part to make it easier.

Today’s fast paced instant information and access to any type of food 24/7 365 days a year makes it difficult for our willpower to overpower the bombardment that leads us to obesity, diabetes and hundreds of other health problems caused by excess sugar and processed fast foods.

The beauty of instant information is that you can easily find and cook healthy without buying a cookbook. Unfortunately, you still have to shop for food. Instead of dreading it, use that time to decompress from life’s stressors. Use it as an enjoyable outing as you drive to the grocery store and get out of the house into natural light and blue skies, or moonlight and starry skies.

Not all the tech in the world will feed you the proper nutrition required to function at optimal levels and think clearly, so you can make good decisions for you and your family. This high-tech, fast-paced world of the 21st century has us racing everywhere and believing that we always need to be connected, when in fact we need to disconnect and reconnect with ourselves.

Know thy self, will save your sanity. Feeding yourself properly and the art of cooking is all part of positive living. Cooking can be quite Zen and enjoyable. Eating well along with exercise is a foundation to a vibrant life filled with smiles and good company. Everyone loves tasty home-cooked foods and opening your kitchen to friends and family makes for a rewarding evening.

We will also be posting recipes packed with different vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin D, K and so forth so that if you are low on a specific vitamin you can find delicious remedies for your deficiencies.

Send us an email if you have some of your own recipes to offer. Don’t forget to send quality photos of the finished dish or smoothie ingredients. We will be happy to give you credit when we post your recipe.

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