How to Open Vitamin B12 and B-Complex Glass Ampoules/Ampules

Trivit B Ampoules Open trivit-b ampules

Many people have never opened ampoules and even after watching a video or two, it does take some practice to get it right. To much pressure and you can break the top in your hand. Snapping forward or backward with just the right hand and finger placement is necessary to easily open any ampoule. It really isn’t a difficult thing at all, it just takes the right pressure, finger and hand placement to make it easy every time.

We are going to include a graphic below, but we recommend having a professional healthcare practitioner show you the proper way to safely open your ampoules so that you do not injure yourself or lose any of the vitamin contents.

Some recommendations when opening ampoules

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands before opening.
  2. Always clean the ampoule with alcohol so that nothing harmful enters into the ampoule.
  3. Use a piece of gauze or a tissue in the hand that you use for the top part of the ampoule. This is so you don’t accidentally cut yourself if there is a mishap and the ampoule does not snap open properly. This is rare, but better to be safe.

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Methods for Opening Vitamin B12 and B-Complex Ampules

  1. The ampule is always broken open at the neck.
  2. Hold the ampule upright and tap the top to remove any B-Vitamins from the head space.
  3. Swab the neck of the ampule with an alcohol swab.
  4. Wrap the neck with an alcohol pad or gauze, and then grasp the top with the thumb and index finger of one hand. With the other hand, grasp the bottom of the ampule.
  5. Quickly snap the ampule moving your hands away and out from you. Do not open the ampule toward any other sterile supplies. If the ampule does not snap easily, rotate it slightly and try again.
  6. Inspect the opened ampule for any particles of glass that might have fallen inside.
  7. Do not touch the top of the ampule after opening. It is sharp and sometimes has uneven glass protruding.
how to open a vitamin b12 and b complex glass ampule
how to open ampoules Open trivit-b ampules
Follow these directions every time that you open a vitamin B glass ampule and you should keep yourself from harm. Please always dispose of your needles and ampules in sharps containers.

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